March 23rd, 2012

Daysha Raee Patterson (born December 25, 1995 in Saint Paul, MN)
better known as DayshaRaee ‘  is an American Rapper, Singer,
Songwriter and Aspiring Producer. She is currently Using Social Media
Sites To Build A Fan Buzz For Herself, All the while Pursuing A high
school degree & Touring with her high school [High school for
recording arts] HSRA began as a pilot program developed by Studio 4
Enterprises in December 1996. After a recording career with Rock and
Roll Hall of Famer, Prince, David T.C. Ellis started Studio 4 as a
recording production facility. Eventually, youth from the community
who were at significantly high risk for dropping-out of school
starting exhibiting an interest in the studio and recording their
At just 16 DayshaRaee Is Ready To Help Lead Her Generation
Through music, that’s not only inspirational but fun at the same time.
songs with a positive message. To still be young Daysharaee is able to
pull off many styles that most artist can’t.
Growing Up Daysha felt she didn’t fit in with other kids, cause she
would act in a more in depth way.She began to search for ways to
express herself, extracurricular activities didn’t go as planned.
It was 4th grade when she was introduced to poetry. which she quickly
turned into rap. feeling as thought she didn’t
have the talent to excel as she wanted to in singing. she turned to rap.
She Does more then just make music, aside from that, she’s an aspiring
Fashion Icon & Actress,
Currently workingexclusively with local talent agency Talent Poole. She’s Slowly
working her way to the top. She also has 2 years experience in ballet. which
just shows her dedication to taking something and going all the way with it.
DayshaRaee says she doesn’t want to limit herself because life is to
short. “you must do all you can while You still Can” DayshaRaee ‘  has
what it takes to lead a new perspective into the industry & thats what
she plans to do.

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